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Promoting balanced approaches 
to opioids and stimulants

We are a learning hub for innovative training and technical assistance to support clinicians in providing compassionate care to people who use opioids and stimulants

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CIAO aims to decrease opioid and stimulant related morbidity and mortality by promoting balanced approaches to care. Submit this form to sign up for 1:1 10-30 minute educational sessions with the CIAO team.


The materials included here are directed at clinicians and regulators to aid in compassionate care for inherited legacy opioid patients

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CIAO has prepared online coursework modules with the aim of educating learners on topics related to the management of opioids and chronic pain in the primary care setting as well as how to communicate relevant information to patients and providers.

Cover of Opioids and Chronic Pain Guidebook for Primary Care Providers. Cover features orange and blue background with images of medical providers

CIAO is excited to announce a new edition of both the California and National versions.

  • New content on non-opioid pharmacologic treatment of chronic pain

  • Updates to the controlled substance monitoring map in the national version

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The goal of this annual report is to track the impact of substance use on health indicators in San Francisco. The data facilitate the assessment of trends in utilization of healthcare services for substance use disorders and related problems, diseases associated with substance use, and overdose and other substance-related deaths.

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