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The Center for Innovation in Academic Detailing on Opioids (CIAO) initially began as a project funded by the California Healthcare Foundation to provide academic detailing services about naloxone prescribing for patients on opioid therapy.

Supported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), CIAO expanded to provide academic detailing training and technical assistance on opioid stewardship to county-level public health workers, clinicians, and healthcare systems in California. In addition, to naloxone prescribing, CIAO started offering trainings on other topics including the use of urine toxicology, management of opioid use disorder and chronic pain, and controlled substance monitoring programs. 

Upon receiving additional funding and support from the CDC and CDPH, CIAO extended its services to provide training and technical assistance to health systems and localities across the nation.  To date, CIAO has trained providers from 17 counties in California, delivered over 50 webinars and talks, and distributed over 8,000 copies of educational materials to 20+ states. 

Our Team

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Brian Wylie, OTD, MPH


Program Director

Rebecca pic.jpg

Rebecca Martinez, FNP


Clinician Trainer



Medical Director &

Clinician Trainer

Kat Headshot.jpg

Kat Jeronimo


Program Assistant

Finn Black, RN, MS


Research Clinician

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