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Academic Detailing & 1:1 Education

What is Academic Detailing?

Academic detailing, also known as educational visiting, is a noncommercial, evidence-based educational outreach method focused on clinician education and behavior change. Academic detailing draws on the pharmaceutical industry’s successful approach of brief in-person visits to share the “details” of a drug or device. In academic detailing, healthcare professionals detail clinicians on the latest scientific evidence through tailored, one-on-one, office-based visits. Using theories of behavior change, detailers help clinicians set achievable goals through on-going support and communication.


We believe academic detailing can help clinicians provide comprehensive, evidence-based care for patients with chronic pain, substance use disorder, and/or who use prescription opioids or other substances. To learn more about the evidence supporting academic detailing in opioid stewardship, read our guiding research.

1:1 Educational Sessions

Despite robust efforts to respond to the decades-long overdose crisis, morbidity and mortality related to opioids and stimulants continue to mount. San Francisco has a long history of taking care of people who use opioids and stimulants. However, while there are approximately 20,000 people who could benefit from medications for Opioid Use Disorder, less than 5,000 people are currently receiving this life-saving treatment. Stimulant-related morbidity and mortality is also increasing. Clinicians are often left cornered between administrative demands and patient needs, and with insufficient time to parse the evidence required to optimize care. CIAO aims to decrease opioid and stimulant related morbidity and mortality by promoting balanced approaches to care. 

You can sign up for independent, one-on-one detailing sessions with one of CIAO's clinicians using this form.

Unsure if CIAO's services are right for your team?

CIAO currently offers department-wide introductory informational sessions for San Francisco based providers, either virtually or in person. This may include all-staff presentations, focusing on training patient-facing staff as well as clinicians. CIAO is prepared to work within the needs of your organization to help establish a standard of care for patients who use drugs and to ease transitions for your providers. The goal of these sessions is to provide an overview of CIAO's services and clinician expertise, and to help providers determine the specific challenges they face when caring for patients who use drugs and how to overcome them.

You can reach out to CIAO about scheduling an introductory informational session using this form.

CIAO's Academic Detailing Training Program: What, How, Who?


CIAO provides virtual academic detailing training on opioid stewardship to health localities, health plans, and other organizations throughout California and the United States. Trainings include both content review and skill development to prepare participants for conducting academic detailing visits.

Training content may include:

  • Academic detailing history, theory, and skills

  • Virtual detailing

  • Motivational interviewing

  • Opioid use disorder management

  • Stimulant use disorder management

  • Buprenorphine prescribing

  • Urine drug screening 

  • Chronic non-cancer pain management 

  • Controlled substance monitoring programs

  • Naloxone prescribing

  • Opioid stewardship policies and practices


Trainings typically include some combination of didactic presentations, interactive exercises, group discussion and reflection, and mock detailing sessions. CIAO’s academic detailing training is modeled after evidence-based practices from the National Resource Center for Academic Detailing.


CIAO currently hosts all trainings over Zoom. The contents, format, and length of the training are guided by partner needs, detailer background and experience, and CIAO's Opioids and Chronic Pain: A guide for primary care providers guidebook (a copy of which will be given to all trainees to use during the training and subsequent detailing sessions with providers). An example training schedule may include 5 two-hour weekly or biweekly online sessions on the following content areas:






CIAO’s trainers include clinicians and public health professionals who have extensive backgrounds in clinical management of substance use disorders and academic detailing.


Trainees should include those providing academic detailing to prescribers/dispensers. Because the training is dedicated to teaching individuals to become academic detailers and includes one-on-one feedback, it is imperative participation is limited to nine or fewer individuals who will be conducting academic detailing visits. However, others, such as program staff and site directors, are welcome to observe the training.  

Session 1


-Academic detailing visits overview

-Practice detailing a simple topic

Session 2

-Deep dive into another topic

-Practice detailing that topic

Session 3

-Deep dive into another topic

-Practice detailing

that topic

Session 4


-Detailing logistics

-Difficult situations in detailing

-Practice detailing

Session 5

-Evaluation of

detailing activities

-Practice full detailing sessions, recorded

for trainee review

If the service you require is not listed above, please reach out and we can discuss the possibility of partnership.

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