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Mission & Vision

Our Vision

We aim to decrease opioid and stimulant related morbidity and mortality by promoting balanced approaches to care.  

Our Mission

We collaborate with healthcare providers to improve opioid, stimulant, and chronic pain-related care through innovative training and technical assistance services.

Our Values

Evidence-based Practice

We commit to the conscientious integration of up-to-date research, clinical expertise, and patient needs to support the delivery of high-quality, compassionate healthcare.


We develop novel, individualized approaches to educate clinicians on best practices for opioid, stimulant, and chronic-pain management.

Professional Fulfillment

We support clinicians to reconnect with their higher mission and build a fulfilling and rewarding practice.


We strive to cultivate empathy and reduce stigma among clinicians, patients, and healthcare systems.

Health Equity

We believe that everyone deserves the highest quality of healthcare, regardless of their medical history or other life circumstances. 


Our Strategies

  • Assess collaborator needs and individualize services

  • Support the development of policies and procedures addressing opioid management

  • Develop and refine resources about opioid management in clinical care

  • Deliver training and support for academic detailing on opioids

  • Provide longitudinal technical assistance

  • Utilize data for evaluation and quality improvement

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