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Our Materials

CIAO’s educational materials were developed by the San Francisco Department of Public Health and reviewed by a panel of experts. Materials are regularly updated to include new scientific literature and changes in policy and programming.

Our materials are meant to be used and shared! If you are interested in using, adapting, or learning more about our materials, please fill out our contact form.

Bup and Stim_spreads_9.pdf.png

Last Updated: Apr. 2024

The CIAO teams aims to decrease opioid and stimulant related morbidity and mortality by promoting balanced approaches to care. This Guide was created as a resource for healthcare providers who want to provide a higher standard of care for their patients who use drugs.

San Francisco based providers can sign up for more in-depth one-on-one educational sessions with a member of the CIAO team here.

Cover of Opioids and Chronic Pain Guidebook for Primary Care Providers. Cover features orange and blue background with images of medical providers

Opioids and Chronic Pain: A guide for primary care providers

Image of CIAO's academic detailing and technical assistance guide

Last Updated: Feb. 2023

Last Updated: Feb. 2021

Cover of Opioid safety and naloxone furnishing guide for california pharmacists. Cover features orange and blue background with images of medical providers

Last Updated: June 2018
Pending updates to reflect changes in DEA waiver requirement


Last Updated: Dec. 2020

As of December 2022, there is no longer a federal requirement for practitioners to have an X-Waiver to prescribe Buprenorphine for the treatment of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). Only a standard DEA registration number is required. Information from SAMHSA on the intricacies of these changes can be found here.

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