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Frequently Asked Questions

What do CIAO’s 1:1 Educational sessions look like?

For information about our academic detailing one-on-one sessions, please see our Academic detailing page.

What content areas does CIAO cover during 1:1 sessions?

CIAO covers topics related to opioid and stimulant management in primary care, treating people who use drugs, and overcoming barriers to treatment for drug users. This may include: opioid use disorder management; stimulant use disorder management; buprenorphine prescribing; urine drug screening; and naloxone prescribing. Educational sessions are tailored to the individual needs and concerns of a healthcare provider. To request a session, submit this form.

What do CIAO’s Academic Detailing trainings look like?

For information about our academic detailing trainings, please see our Academic detailing page.

What content areas does CIAO cover during its academic detailing trainings?

CIAO covers topics related to academic detailing and opioid management in primary care, including academic detailing history, theory, and skills; virtual detailing; motivational interviewing; opioid use disorder management; buprenorphine prescribing; urine drug screening; chronic non-cancer pain management; controlled substance/prescription drug monitoring programs; naloxone prescribing; and opioid stewardship policies and practices.

Does CIAO provide academic detailing training on topics other than opioid stewardship?

CIAO’s expertise is in opioid management in primary care. For this reason, we provide academic detailing training for the content areas listed above. If you require training in a different content area, we are happy to refer you to the National Resource Center for Academic Detailing (NaRCAD).

How many individuals can participant in CIAO’s academic detailing training?

CIAO’s trainings are highly interactive and involve personalized feedback for each trainee. For this reason, we offer training to no more than nine trainees per training series. However, observers, such as program staff or site directors, are welcome to watch the training.

In addition to academic detailing trainings, what other types of technical assistance does CIAO offer?

CIAO also offers technical assistance services for the following:

  • Brief “touch up” training on specific content areas for detailers we have already trained

  • Academic detailing program development and material

  • Integration of academic detailing into larger opioid safety initiatives

  • Opioid and chronic pain management policy review

  • Evaluation plan development and implementation

If the service you require is not listed above, please reach out and we can discuss the possibility of other kinds of technical assistance partnerships.

Can other organizations use or adapt CIAO’s materials?

CIAO’s materials are meant to be widely used and shared. Further, we allow organizations to adapt our materials within some guidelines. Before using or adapting any of CIAO’s materials, please contact us at

General guidelines for adapting CIAO’s materials:

  • Any changes are either relatively “surface-level,” such as adding organization-specific branding, or related to the policy or law of bodies governing the organization.

  • Edited versions maintain attribution to CIAO, the San Francisco Department of Public Health, and the California Department of Public Health.

  • A list of the proposed changes is sent to CIAO to review before we send you the editable file.

Is there a wait time for receiving technical assistance or training from CIAO?

The wait time to receive technical assistance or training for CIAO depends on our team’s current work with other partners. Typically, we only offer training to one partner at a time. However, we are happy to start a conversation at any time about future technical assistance or training.

Each of our trainings are customized to our partner’s specific needs. To best do so, we complete an iterative needs assessment with each partner before providing training. This assessment takes time – often a few weeks – to complete. Please keep this timeline in mind as you reach out and then as we begin discussing the possibility of a partnership.  

What is the process for partnering with CIAO?

However you’re looking to partner with CIAO, in every case, the first step is either submitting an interest form on our Contact us page or emailing us directly at We will then reach out to you to schedule an initial phone call when you can share your organization's needs in more detail and we can share with you what services we offer. If an academic detailing training or technical assistance partnership looks possible, we will then talk about what steps come before formal work together. Please keep in mind that this entire process can take anywhere from several weeks to several months to complete.

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